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Some thoughts on interprofessional education and music therapy

Simon Gilbertson

I currently work as Associate Professor in Music Therapy at the Grieg Academy, KMD at the University of Bergen. My previous clinical, educational and research work has led me to be interested in how basic human actions such as perception, cognition, and action are processes that are distributed in human and non-human domains. Where music therapy provides an arena for the application and exploration of these topics in relation to health, an interdisciplinary commitment is obligatory to move forwards together with other professions.

In this presentation I will share some thoughts of mine and my collaborators in relation to how interprofessional education might not only be created as a part of contemporary drive for interdisciplinary collaboration in research and education and practice, but be essential, relevant, efficient and inspirational. I will share examples that have been created or are in planning for interprofessional education and music therapy at UiB.