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Therapeutic Music Listening

Ingvild Stene

Ingvild Stene is music teacher, violin teacher, music therapist, psychotherapist and PhD-fellow at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Stene has a long clinical experience using music listening in mental health care. She has been particularly interested in eating disorders and has developed a clinical method in receptive music therapy.

Therapeutic Music Listening (TML)
- A new clinical method in receptive Music therapy
Ingvild Stene:

Keywords: group music therapy, receptive methods, emotional knowledge

Emotional – focused therapy has growing interest in psychotherapeutic practice. The paper bases on my PhD project working with people suffering from eating disorders, which includes emotional challenges. The study, are conducted and supported by the Norwegian Academy of Music, in cooperation with Villa SULT – Department of eating disorders.

Aim and Methods
The project builds on empirical data gathered in a pre-study, including testing a new clinical method (TML) based in a follow-up study. The qualitative study bases on interviews, group observations and mail exchange. The main objective was to investigate how the participants experience that receptive music therapy influence emotional coping and reflexiveness in 11 group sessions. The researcher has the role of music therapist in the group sessions, collaborating with a clinical psychologist.

The receptive approach in the study is an exploratory one, which includes music examples initiated by the group members. Music example chosen by the music therapist are inspired by “The Bonny method” Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), and Short Music journeys (KMR).

Presentation of clinical method and discussion
The paper will implement this clinical method working with emotional knowledge, presenting the results of the study and discusses the clients’ experiences. Following the presentation of the method, it opens for questions and discussion. The paper is appropriate for music therapeutic practice and research in psychotherapeutic work.

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